• Evolution of UI testing

    Web UI testing is a tricky thing in many aspects. They requires many dependencies, they are slow and they are often flaky. In this post I would like to share my web UI testing experience on an example of one python library.

  • Pipelines speedup

    Often when you want to run some tests you need to install required dependencies such as python packages, ruby gems, npm packages and so on. Nowadays tests are executed automatically for pull (merge) requests in various CI systems. Dependency pulling is repeated again and again for every test run and it takes time. We cannot do much about it in cloud based CI systems such as Travis, Circle CI or Github Actions but there is some space for improvement for self-hosted Gitlab CI, Jenkins and others.

  • Gitlab CI shared pipelines

    Imagine you have a group of repositories in Gitlab and you would like to have the same pipelines for whole group.

  • Selenium please wait!

    When you test your web application with Selenium there is a one fundamental problem. Due to dynamic nature of modern web pages you cannot interact with elements on the web page immediately after loading. What can we do with that?

  • Why I don't like Jenkins

    I guess everybody knows Jenkins. It’s one of the oldest and well-known automation system. It was developed in the times when there was no Docker, Kubernetes, cloud native and other buzzwords. I familiarized with it when I started to work at Red Hat. After a couple years of using I have some concerns I want to share.