• My favorite distro

    I’ve been using Linux for 11 years already. I’ve tried several Linux distribution in both desktop and server use cases. I wouldn’t call myself a distrohopper but I’ve collected some observations about some popular Linux distributions.

  • Python retry!

    In programming it’s quite often you need to wait for an action to complete or some service availability. There are many ways and tools which able to do that. I would like to tell about two python libraries I’ve worked with.

  • Gitlab runner in Openshift

    I’m pretty sure most of you familiar with Gitlab. It has a lot of features and nowadays it looks a bit bloated but one thing I really love in this tool. It’s Gitlab CI. One of the coolest thing there is it can run jobs on many platforms including virtual machines, Docker containers and Kubernetes.

  • UI testing in Kubernetes

    As a quality engineer I responsible for testing various parts of a product. One of such part can be the web UI. But before your first UI test will be executed you will need to configure a lot of things. It might be a non-trivial task. Kubernetes can be quite helpful here and be actual “one ring to rule them all”.

  • Xakac is a payload forwarder

    Once upon a time I was need to configure a CI for a private github repo. Public CI providers such as Travis, CircleCI and other don’t provide free plans for private repos. Besides tests I wanted to run are not publicly available. So I decided to provision a Jenkins server inside corporate VPN. How to trigger a pipeline on PR? Github provides a webhooks mechanism. Generally speaking it’s a just HTTP request with some payload. And here we have a problem. How to pass a github webhook to the Jenkins which is not exposed to the Internet?

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