Triggering Kubernetes resources in OpenShift

October 09, 2020
 · 1 min read

When I was starting to familiarize with OpenShift 3 I loved its builtin continous delivery mechanism. Using webhooks and triggers you can easily deploy your code from Github, GitLab or Bitbucket. In OpenShift 4 more Kubernetes resources have been added and they don't have triggers support. Is there a way to enable it?


Let me shortly explain what are triggers. Generally speaking it's just a section in yaml that describes events inside the cluster that should drive the creation of new deployment processes.

Some examples:

  - type: "ConfigChange"

This trigger starts a new roll-out when we change DeploymentConfig spec.

  - type: "ImageChange"
      automatic: true
        kind: "ImageStreamTag"
        name: "some_image:latest"
        namespace: "myproject"

This trigger is more interesting. It starts a new roll-out when an image is updated in a certain image stream.

The issue here is triggers only defined in DeploymentConfig which is OpenShift specific. If you want to use them for Kubernetes resources such as Deployment you have to configured it differenetely.


OpenShift developers propose to add image change triggers into annotations. There is an especial annotation '[{"from":{"kind":"ImageStreamTag","some_image":"latest"},"fieldPath":"spec.template.spec.containers[?(\"myapp\")].image"}]'

Fortunately, you don't have to remember this structure just oc command:

oc set triggers deployment/myapp --from-image some_image:latest -c myapp

This command adds required annotation into your Deployment.