• Home-made remote video rendering

    Recently I started my video blog on YouTube. To shoot videos I use DJI Action 2 camcorder. It can record videos up to 4K@60 FPS. Obviously, resulting video files are heavy for editing and rendering. Are there solutions on Linux that help you to work with modern high definition video? The answer is yes and here is my approach.

  • Debugging system python scripts

    I faced with broken add-apt-repository on my KDE Neon after upgrading to Ubuntu 22.04

  • Zsh in Debian

    After installing some Flatpak package on my KDE Neon the application icon was not displaying neither in the window header nor in the panel. I wanted to fix it and discovered that is related to zsh package. Here is my troubleshooting path.

  • Virtual machine image customization

    I work with Linux containers and container images everyday. I often create new images using podman or buildah. One day I needed to build a custom image of a virtual machine and in this post you’ll read how I did it.

  • Minimalistic Selenium container image

    Containers are de facto a standard way to distribute services and software. It’s convenient to have preconfigured environment that can be activated on any machine that has a container engine such as docker or podman. UI testing with Selenium requires certain environment including browsers, X server and a window manager. It would be nice to have all of these packed into a one container image.

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