• MockServer

    In unit testing we often mock various objects, libraries and side effects. For example it can be a response from some web service. But what should we do in integration and functional tests?

  • Kodi add-on testing

    Ok, you develop a Kodi add-on and you would like to have CI for your code. What options do you have? How Kodi add-ons can be tested? And how to configure a CI for a Kodi add-on code? Let me share my experience.

  • Kodi container image

    During add-on development I use Kodi installed on my operating system for testing. But what if I need to test my changes on various Kodi versions? It’s not so easy to install different versions of a package on such distros as Ubuntu. We could try some Kodi container image but I decided to build my own.

  • install_requires vs requirements.txt

    When I started working at Red Hat my first job was contribution to integration tests of one web application. The tests are written Python and the repository has both setup.py and requirements.txt. But why?

  • OAuth in OpenShift

    Applications provisioned in OpenShift can use its OAuth authentication mechanism for granting access. This is very useful feature because all applications running on OpenShift will have consistent behavior. But there might be some caveats if you don’t understand fully how OAuth works.

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